Website Promotions Rapid Sales Growth System

Grow Your Sales by at Least 10% Within 3 Months

Service Overview

Over the past 15 years Website Promotions CC has been innovating and enhancing its product offer to satisfy our clients’ needs for new business.

Our offer has evolved from search engine optimization, to Google AdWords campaign management, to Facebook advertising management and targeted website traffic generation. Culminating in our current offer of rapid sales growth.

During each evolution of our service, we eliminated weaknesses and enhanced strengths of the offer. These incremental improvements are based on real-life testing and intelligence generation from analytic results gathered from many websites in different industries.

We are proud to make our latest streamlined offer available to our customers – the Website Promotions Rapid Sales Growth System.

This new and continuously improved system delivers quote requests from buyers interested in purchasing from your company in your chosen geographic area within one month. Without any risk on your part, offering your business what it essentially needs: to increase sales in a short space of time.

Main Objective

The main objective of our service is to assist our clients with their market development strategy through the acquisition of online demand for their products – resulting in an increase in sales within a short space of time.


We achieve this by:

1. Taking your website through our 7 point conversion increasing system.
2. Adding a Virtual Sales Avatar to your website.
3. Researching online demand for you offer.
4. Diverting demand to your website and social media resources.
5. Delivering a high number of buyer enquiries from your website.
6. Measuring campaign performance & continuously improving enquiry numbers.
7. Sending you a monthly web intelligence analytics report.

Rapid Deployment

The service has been developed to start gaining traction within the first week of deployment thereby giving our customers sales results fast.

2015 Sample Website Traffic and Conversion Results

The digital nature of the new internet marketing model allows for the measurement and enhancement of each element of an online marketing campaign.

From website content to ads, keywords and business decision maker profiles can be tested and improved over time.

In order to incrementally enhance the campaigns one needs to analyze the numbers.

We took a sample of 19 websites for which we implemented the system and looked at the statistics for the year.

We generated a total of 331 785 Visits to the 19 websites for 2015. With a monthly average Visit rate of 27 649.

The average number of visits per website per month was 1 455.

These visits delivered an average enquiry rate of 7.95% equaling 166 enquiries per website per month.

These enquiries convert to sales at an average rate of 30%. The reason for the high sales conversion rate is that the business inquiries are from buyers who looked for the product, or have an interest in the offer and belong to the correct decision making profile. These prospective customers found the supplier’s offer, evaluated the product and inquired – almost ready to buy.

The resulting number of sales was 50 per month.

If your average profit margin is $1 000 this number of sales equates to $50 000 in additional sales per month.

Our empirical, data driven, online marketing strategy is based on the measurement of statistical results, data analysis translated into business intelligence and the continuous improvement of inquiry conversion rates.

Thereby increasing the number of business inquiries our customers receive from their websites incrementally over time.