Get New Business in South Africa and Southern Africa Risk Free at a Fixed Monthly Fee – No Unexpected Unreasonable Coronary-Inducing Variable Fees

Get Double Qualified Prospects Contacting You at the Time they Want to Buy and Having Seen Your Offer Wishing to Transact With Your Company

We showcase your products in a Lead Generation Website which we create for your business and drive prospects actively looking for your solutions from the Internet at the precise moment they want to buy.

Your sales people only need to follow up on the leads and close the deals in a shooting fish in a barrel manner.

No Administration on Your Part

You tell us the products you would like to offer and the areas you would like to target and within 21 days you start receiving leads in the form of email enquiries.

The email enquiries are differentiated with a subject line that says “Enquiry from Your Lead Generation System” making the leads easy to track.

Best of all you get to try the system for a month for free.

During the one month free trial you can evaluate the quality of the leads by the number of sales they produced allowing you to work out your return on investment before making a financial commitment.

There are no long terms contracts thereby taking away all risk on your part.

We essentially work for you for a month for free and physically invest in the advertising costs on your behalf.

And based on our performance, you get to make an informed and smart decision. Its a totally risk-free system.

Custom Fees Tailored to Your Unique Requirements

Every business is different with varying number of products and geographic areas to target (from neighbourhood to city to province to country/ies) so our pricing structure is customised to account for this divergence.

Get a No-Obligation Proposal

Please fill in the convenient form to get a tailor made proposal for your business.

We will send you a no-obligation proposal including our monthly fees.

After the free month, should you wish to go ahead, you pay the monthly fee and we carry on getting you Leads.

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