Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords allow us to target potential buyers who are in the purchase process. These potential buyers have seen your offer (Google Ad) and show their interest in dealing with your company by sending you an enquiry either by email or by contacting you telephonically.

Because these people were looking for your services in Google, have visited your website and have decided to contact you, the rate at which these enquiries convert into new clients, called the enquiry conversion rate – is very high.

The Google AdWords ads are shown to people searching in Google and its search partner network using phrases related to your offer. We research the market extensively to ensure that we pick keywords (market segments) which carry an implied commercial intent (ready-to-buy traffic).

Targeting the correct keywords ensures that you get people visiting your website who are in the purchase phase of the buying cycle, thereby generating enquiries from potential customers who have not only pre-qualified themselves during their search but have also further shown interest in your offer after viewing your website and have elected to purchase from you.

We also create and split test text ads continuously to ensure maximum efficiency and an ongoing improvement over time.