Facebook Advertising South Africa – 3 Ways to Drive Business Traffic

Facebook Advertising South Africa – 3 Ways to Drive Business Traffic

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3 Ways to Drive Local Traffic Fast with Facebook

Running Facebook advertising can happen really fast.

It’s not unusual to see sales starting almost about 24 hours after you start to run an ad, as a small business owner.

You can use Facebook to your advantage. In this video we’re going to talk about three ways to drive traffic.

Local traffic really fast using Facebook.

First of all we’re going to talk about using local awareness on Facebook.

Now local awareness is a type of ad that is running specifically on Facebook.

It is designed to help local businesses bring in customers.

And it works by targeting people in your local area within a certain radius.

Sometimes even a certain zip code.

These ads are specifically designed by Facebook to be inexpensive but yet effective.

So you really want to take advantage of these types of ads run on kind of gauge results and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quick you start to see traffic to your site.

Another way to drive traffic using Facebook is to use Facebook offer if your page is over 1 month old and have at least 50 likes.

You can use Facebook offer to increase sales and these offers are so simple to create. Enter your offer.

The expiration date on the claims limit and then you submit it once someone claims your offer they will be sent an email from Facebook about how to redeem the offer. Your business really simple yet effective.

Now the last thing we’re going to talk about is boosting a post as a small business owner page views are perfect for you.

If you’ve got a massive audience over 2000 fans it’s probably not.

But then again if you use it the way we show you how it could be very good for any size business. Now boosted post is extremely inexpensive.

It can cost as little as 20 dollars and you could potentially reach hundreds or thousands of people with that money.

A really good return on investment. Now you probably realize that Facebook is a great advertising platform for your business.

Now small and local businesses have a chance to increase their audience with just a small budget.

But if you’re not using Facebook advertising in your business.

We want to help. Call us today. We can get started.

We can start to show you how Facebook advertising can help your particular business.

And then we can start implementing those ads and start seeing traffic to your web site.

Thanks for watching this video.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We incorporate this and other methods in our Rapid sales Growth Generation System please contact us here to start getting more sales for your business.

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