5 Steps to Getting Customers on Demand Through Email Marketing

As a local business owner there is a good chance that you have experienced downtime or slow periods where the customers aren’t coming in as fast as you might like them to.

Imagine that you have this easy button big red button that you can press and customers start to magically appear at your door.

That would be pretty cool. Well unfortunately that button does not exist. But what does exist are five simple things that you can do to get customers on demand. Almost like having that easy.

In this video we’re going to show you how to get started. So let’s take a look.

The first step in getting customers on demand is to sign up for small business news service like Mailchimp or constant contact. There are other services like a web site and get a response. Also matter of fact there’s a lot of these services out there you just can’t figure it out and get started using one of them.

The second step is to integrate a sign up form on your web site using one of those services. Now the whole point of putting the sign up form is to capture a name and email but you want to create a VIP customer appreciation list.

Now you’re going to use this list for future promotions discounts and other deals exclusive to customers on your e-mail list.

Step number three you’re going to think of a great way to entice customers to sign up for your newsletter. Now you’re going to want to consider offering a discount or a free upgrade on some type of future purchase something that your customers will find value. Remember the point is to get them on your list so you can market to them in the future.

Step number four you’re going to make sure every single customer has a chance to sign up. You need to promote this newsletter everywhere in your store in-store displays on the bottom of receipts invoices on email signatures give away coupons everywhere that you can social media so that everybody understands that they need to be on your list to get the VIP customer appreciation experience.

And finally number five once you’ve built up your list it’s time to use that email direct marketing at its best when you have a list of customers that you can email promotions to e-mail coupons to get them on your front door on demand that when you’ve created that easy button email marketing continues to have a high response rate than Facebook Twitter and Linkedin combined.

So if you’re not implementing email marketing your business you’re really missing out.

Every time you click the send button it’s getting customers on demand. Now you’re ready to start to implement e-mail marketing your business. We want you to call us today or click a free consultation button so that we can meet with you to get your e-mail marketing started.

You need that sign form on your web site to sign up for a newsletter service. We can help you get all of that technical stuff put together. So you start getting customers on demand through email marketing.

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