Automated Business Incubator – That Multiples Business Leads

Get Potential Customers Signed Up to Your Automated Response Sequence, Where You Can Add Value from the Outset and Showcase Your Company’s Expertise in the Market-Place. Thereby Increasing the Number of Qualified Leads from People Who Already, Know, Trust and Prefer Your Brand

The Automated Business Incubator is geared to generate more sales leads from the website, by establishing an ongoing relationship with potential clients.

The objective of this relationship is to add value to the potential client’s life even before they have purchased anything.

This value adding relationship then serves as a springboard to increasing sales by establishing trust and expertise with prospective customers.

It is best used in the research or information gathering stage of the Purchase Cycle.

After the web visitor has filled in a form and submitted, the automated sequence of emails start being sent.

Instead of uploading the database or one customer at a time. The database is populated in real-time, through each web visitor form submission on the website.

The objective of the sequence is to establish rapport with the prospect as well increasing brand equity and sales.