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Business to Business (B2B) marketing differs from Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing in the online environment as a result of the difference between the purchasing decision-making processes followed by these two distinct market segments.

B2C marketing often focuses on emotive issues, since consumers are influenced by emotions, even to the extent of impulse buying. B2B marketers need to understand that companies make purchase decisions based on facts, and emotions are rarely a major influencer.
In order to market successfully to other businesses online, you need a forward-thinking approach. The decision-making process that is likely to be followed by the companies you wish to target must be understood and the facts on which the purchase decision is based must be made available in a right format.
A good starting point is to consider the information requested by the buyers and decision-makers at companies you already do business with. How did they evaluate suppliers? It would obviously be best if you could interview some of them to establish what their decision-making criteria were at the time they decided to make use of your products or services.

A Marketing Sherpa [http://www.marketingsherpa.com/] survey revealed that when a technical buyer – who is a major purchase influencer – visits a website, he or she is looking for specific information.
Information required by technical buyers
* Price and product information in text-based format
* Company profile and the company’s approach to customer service
* Case studies, downloadable white papers and knowledge bases

It is, therefore, crucial to make the above information easily available – and in the right format – to improve your chances of influencing the purchase decision in your favor.

The same survey also showed that the technical buyer needed the following information to make a purchase decision.
Information required to make a purchase decision
* Clear and easily found price
* Extensive product information
* Comparisons with competitor offerings
* Company’s approach to customer service

This information must also be presented in the right format.
Suggested formats for presenting information
* Case studies
* Knowledge bases
* Multimedia presentations
* Downloadable information
* Downloadable technical papers
* Downloadable white papers

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