The Best Way to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

There are many ways to promote your business online and to drive targeted traffic to your website. But not all of these methods are created equal, and some are more effective and less time-consuming than others.

Based on more than a decade of experience on the cutting edge of online marketing, here are my top picks for the most effective and least time-consuming methods of promoting a Business to Business (B2B) website on the Internet.

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to target prospective business customers by the phrases they use when looking for solutions online. In addition, you only pay once a prospective customer clicks on your ad. This means you are not paying for views, only for results, since those that do click on your ad have pre-qualified themselves as leads that are interested in your offer. The largest Pay-Per-Click network is Google AdWords. Google commands an impressive 67% of the search traffic in the US []. It is followed by Bing Advertising, which has now merged with Yahoo Advertising, with a combined total of 29% of the US search market.

2. Facebook advertising
Although Facebook is a social media website, used mainly for social interaction, its vast reach – with nearly 700 million users worldwide – cannot be ignored. Facebook advertising works also on a Pay-Per-Click system, but it can also be set up on cost-per-thousand-views basis. The advantage of Facebook advertising is that you are able to target people not only by their demographic profile but also by their interests. It is the ability to target by interests which allows a B2B marketer to target business owners within their targeted market.

3. LinkedIn advertising
LinkedIn is a business network where business owners and professional people link to and interact with other business people. According to Quantcast [], the number of visitors per month worldwide numbers an astounding 108 191 120. LinkedIn therefore provides access to more than 108 million business people around the world. It is precisely the profile of these users that makes LinkedIn such an attractive advertising platform for B2B marketers. You can target business people by industry, by seniority and by job function, which is a great way of reaching decision-makers within business markets.
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