Conversion Guide / Manual / Whitepaper Design and Copywriting

Get a Downloadable Guide or Manual or White Paper, Which Can be Downloaded by Your Target Market & Kept on Their Systems for Reference – Thereby Adding Value from the Outset and Showcasing Your Expertise in the Market Place – Thereby Increasing the Number of Qualified Leads from People Who Already, Know, Trust and Prefer Your Brand

Creating a downloadable document like a Guide or Manual or Whitepaper allows your audience to have a reference to your business on their computers.

They will keep the document for as long as it serves them and will do so for a long time, particularly when the Guide is of high value and serves the reader in their everyday life or business.

This is a great way of branding your business, adding value to your target market and increasing enquiry conversions.

It is best used in the research or information gathering stage of the Purchase Cycle.

We conceptualise, copy write, design and deploy a PDF-based, downloadable Guide or Manual or Whitepaper.

Which allows your web visitors to download the guide free of charge and get into your Business Incubation Autoresponder (more about this next).

The objective of the guide is to allow the prospective customer to learn about your expertise, build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Which in turn leads to an increase in sales.