Customer Loyalty and Upsell Program – That Multiplies Sales

Get an Automated System That Thanks Your Customers for Doing Business With You, Sends Them Your Company’s Full Service Department Details (Thereby Minimising Post-Purchase Dissonance). Creates Brand Loyalty by Adding Value to Your Customers by Sending Product Usage Tutorials & Related Articles & Tips. And Lets Them Know About Your Other Product Offers, Thereby Creating an Automated Upsell System – Its 9 Times Easier to Sell to an Existent Client

The Customer Loyalty and Upsell program has been created to develop brand loyalty among your new customers who have recently purchased from you.

It works through an automated process which requires minimum management on your part after the set-up process.

The system consists of an autoresponder system which is added to your website and delivers automated emails after a person has been added to the system. Or fills in a form on your website.

The autoresponder sends out a sequence of value adding, service, educational and upsell emails to the clients.

The first stage of the program is an after-sales service sequence of emails, where the company thanks the customer for their purchase, reassures them that they have made a great choice and gives them all after-sales contact details – this reduces purchase.

The next value adding step is an educational component which educates the customer about the purchased product – this reduces come-backs and customer service queries. It is also a great place to ask for a customer for a review and a referral. Thereby multiplying your advertising spend.

The final step is to introduce the customer to other product lines offered by your company. Studies have shown that it is nine times easier to sell to an existing customer than a cold prospect.

It is a great way to enhance the value of your brand.