Effective Strategies to Starting Conversations with Top Buyers on Facebook

Facebook Business Page Set Up, Optimisation, Advertising and (Statistically-Based) Continuous Improvement

Facebook is the largest Social Network online with 2 Billion Users.

The business value of Facebook is that its users can be targeted through advertising not only by industry, geographic and demographic profiles but also by the interests they have shown in their Facebook activities.

We design and optimize a business page inside Facebook, so people looking for your services can find your offer and easily make contact with your company.

We then advertise the business page using Facebook advertising. These ads appear as posts on the targeted people’s Walls.

These ads are especially useful for attracting potential customers who have the financial means and personal interest, and live within your geographic target area.

Our Facebook Business Marketing is one of our service modules that, combined with other modules gets you the maximum return on your investment. It can also be used as an individual module, where we only use Facebook marketing for your business, should you so require.