Find Out How to Increase Sales of a Product Online

In order to increase product sales, you need to put the offer in front of the right people.

Finding the right people is not very easy with off-line advertising models which do not offer many targeting options.

Fortunately online advertising lends itself and is tailor made for product promotions.

People search online for solutions to their problems and also for things that they want.

Also many company buyers make use of the searchability of the Internet to find product solutions.

This makes it an ideal platform to promote your products to your target market.

There are many avenues to promote and increase sales of specific products online.

In this article, I’ll discuss the one that we have had best sales results for our customers – Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is by far the most important advertising network online. Google has 70% of the search market and therefore the biggest source of buyers online.

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign, is quite straight forward and there are many guides in YouTube that can help you with this task. Like for example this one –

However like anything else, nothing beats experience and if you don’t set up your campaigns correctly, you may soon run out of budget without a single sale.

You must pay attention to the following points to have a successful campaign:

1. Do online demand research – Use the AdWords Keyword Planner to find the keywords being used by your target market when looking for your products.

2. Choose Keywords – If you want to increase sales, target keywords that carry commercial intent. Most rookie AdWords advertisers choose general keywords, with higher traffic numbers but which will convert at a far lower rate, because the people searching for these are not yet in the buying cycle.

3. Track results – Use the AdWords conversion tracking tool inside AdWords to track results. Whether you want to track phone calls, form submissions or sales. If you don’t track you can’t improve.

4. Maximise Conversions – In order to get the maximum number of sales or enquiries on your website. Make sure that you answer your customers questions when accessing your site. Have a strong headline and a good call to action.

5. High Converying Ads – AdWords gives you limited space on their ad units with 25 characters in the headline and 2 description lines with 35 characters each. So in a very short space, you must come up with a way to get people to click on your ad. In order to get to the best ads you should split test the ad creatives. Pitting one ad against another ensures that you develop a continuously improved ad, which will over time increase clicks and conversions.

There are ofcourse many steps within each step each with its own caveats which I’ll be discussing in future articles.

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