Intelligent Reporting

We generate reports translating the raw data into business intelligence which can be used by our customers in improving their service offer.

Over and above the standard website traffic statistics containing number of visits, number of return visitors, average visit duration, average page views and so on.

We include in our reports elements that can be used by management in order to make informed business decisions driven by market demand.

For example, out of the ad content split testing, we can over time tell the company which ad benefits had the highest clickthrough rates, but most importantly which benefits resulted in the highest number of business enquiries.

These ad benefits are then a clear indication of which aspect of the offer is best received by the market and should be considered as a positioning statement.

Monthly you receive a detailed performance report showing numerous variables. The continuous incremental improvement of each variable leads to continuously improving conversion rates.

The following variables are showcased

* Number of Visitors
* Number of Visits
* Average Time on Site
* Average Page Views
* Number of Visits per Source
* Number of Conversions per Source
* Clickthrough Rate per Advertising Source
* Average Cost per Click per Advertising Source
* Number of Conversions per Selected Area