Effective Strategies to Starting Conversations with Top Buyers on Linkedin

LinkedIn Business Page Set Up, Optimisation, Advertising and (Statistically-Based) Continuous Improvement

LinkedIn is the largest business social network with 550 Million Users.

It is a great platform from which to showcase your product and service offer to decision makers within your target market.

We set up and optimize a business profile and page for your business, through which company decision makers can find your offer and easily contact your company.

LinkedIn also offers an innovative type of advertising, where instead of displaying banners or text ads, advertisers have the capability of sending direct messages to the target audience through their InMail inbox.

When creating a LinkedIn advertising campaign, one can target decision makers by a myriad of options like geographic location, industry, company size, job title, job function, job seniority, field of study, degrees, member skills, member gender, member age, years of experience it can be even micro targeted to company connections and company name.

LinkedIn is the easiest and most effective way to target business decision makers.

Our LinkedIn Marketing is one of our service modules that, combined with other modules gets you the maximum return on your investment. It can also be used as an individual module, where we only use LinkedIn marketing for your business, should you so require.