Monitoring Results – The Foundation of Any Effective Strategy Online

advanced-pie-2-1189104-mMuch is written about various types of promotional strategies online.

Be it search engine optimisation, pay per click, Media Buys, social marketing or any other I think that before one even considers spending time and effort in any of these, it is absolutely crucial to first add a tracking mechanism to your website in order to measure results.

Without measurement you will not know which of your campaigns are working, which are bringing in the enquiries, where you’re getting the best ROI. You wont know which campaigns warrant a higher portion of your online budget. And many more knock-on aspects which are beyond the scope of this article.

Fortunately the same services who offer advertising opportunities have tracking code that can be placed on your website in order measure results.

There are three major tracking mechanisms which we would not even consider running a campaign without.

These are Google Analytics, AdWords Conversion Tracking and Facebook Conversion Tracking.

Each conversion tracking mechanism has its functionality and gives you valuable website intelligence if you know how to set it up and interpret results.

Lets look at each individually:

Anlytics is a catch-all statistical software that tracks all website traffic that gives you aggregated information about your web visitors, these include visitor numbers, time on website, return visitors, and many other valuable variables.

Since we are talking about conversion tracking though. The most important variable is Goals. Goals are the number of enquiries your forms are delivering and these Goals let you know which advertising media is producing the greatest results.

You can learn more about Goals here…

AdWords Conversion Tracking

If you are running an AdWords advertising campaign, you have to add the conversion code. Without this code you will not know which keywords and ads are converting best.

You can learn more about Adwords conversion tracking here…

Facebook Conversion Tracking

Similarly if you are running a Facebook advertsing campaign and want to know which ads are giving you the best results, it is important to add the code.

You can find out more about Facebook conversion tracking below…


I hope this article has helped you in realising the importance of these tracking mechanisms in the success of your online marketing campaigns.

In subsequent articles we will be looking at each a little more in depth in terms of taking the data and traslating it into web intelligence.

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