ON24 Webinar: Innovating out of the marketing rut

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Coming this Thursday July 25th, Data Protection World Forum tech partners, ON24 host a free webinar featuring expert speakers, Tim Flagg, founder of Advantagious, Parry Malm, CEO at Phrasee and James Trezona, chief pink and co-founder at Rooster Punk.

Feeling fresh

Social media, blogging, snackable content – the need for procedure and the drive for results means there’ll always be boxes to tick on the pathway to launching a new campaign.

But what’s the true cost of the cookie-cutter approach?

Modern marketers need to embrace innovation. Only then can you nail promotional drives and create campaigns that sizzle with personality.

This exclusive ON24 broadcast lets you listen in on industry wizards as they talk tricks of the trade and debate how you can nurture that precious creative mentality.

Within “Innovating free from the marketing rut”, our experts will cover…

• How to keep the marketing team challenged and inspired
• Easy pitfalls to avoid stagnation
• Marketing best practices
• Predictions to stay ahead of the curve

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Introducing your hosts…

Tim Flagg, founder of Advantagious

Tim believes that consumers should own and control their personal data, which is why he set up Advantagious. The firm develops tools for users to control their personal data, and software that allows businesses to request GDPR compliant access. 

Before setting up Advantagious, Tim worked in marketing for 18 years on brands such as McCann-Erickson, BBC-Worldwide, NBC Universal, Hutchison-Whampoa and Zipcar. He also set up IDM Online, an edtech partnership with the IDM which trained hundreds of professional marketers.

Parry Malm, CEO at Phrasee

When not teaching wayward youths the error of their ways through the magic of interpretive dance, Parry is the CEO of Phrasee.

He’s also quite well-known in marketing circles.

He was Econsultancy’s #2 guest blogger in 2015, (moving down from his #1 spot in 2013). Then he got busy running an amazing company. Parry sums himself up in three words: anarchy, innovation, and awesome.

James Trezona, chief pink and co-founder at Rooster Punk

James once helped to build systems that changed people’s jobs and the way workers engaged with their employers. During that journey, he realised how bad tech brands were at explaining themselves. So, he rolled up his sleeves and got involved.

A year after taking over at Mason Zimbler, the firm won ‘UK B2B Agency of the Year’. Despite the global recession, after almost ten years at Mason Zimbler, James has grown the business five-fold and now employs nearly 200 people. 

His task is now to make Rooster Punk world-famous by helping ambitious companies achieve sustainable growth through more human and meaningful approaches to brand building.

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If you want to learn how to inject stardust into your teams and tactics, then look no further.

This exclusive webinar by ON24 will revitalise your approach, and help you to build campaigns that innovate and amaze the market with magical consistency.

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Webinar goes out: 25TH July 2019
3pm BST
4pm CEST

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