Two Simple Steps to Letting Google Find You Business Leads…

Business enquiries, or leads as they are commonly called, are the lifeblood of sales success. Without leads, you cannot increase sales and profits.

In this article I’ll show you how you can increase the visibility of your brand and get more leads using a little-known Google tool.

This business tool allows you to target your market, assist potential customers and showcase your expertise, thereby building relationships and acquiring leads.

The business tool I am referring to is Google Alerts.

Google Alerts, as the name implies, is a tool that alerts you when an event happens online. To be more specific, this tool alerts you via email when new relevant content is placed on the Internet and is picked up by Google through its advanced indexing algorithm.

To harness the power of Google Alerts, you first need to find the tool. Because Google has regional representation in each country, the domain where Google Alerts can be found will differ in each country. Therefore, the best way to find Google Alerts is to search in your local Google with the search query “google alerts”. When you access the tool, log in to your Google account using your Gmail address.


Once in the control panel, type in the industry you operate in or the type of industry your market will be interested in. For example, we are targeting industrial companies for whom we can increase sales. As such, one of the Google Alerts phrases we use is “equipment manufacturer”.

Next, click on the ‘Show Options’ drop-down menu and select the options most suitable, as discussed below.

* How often – We recommend, at most, once a day. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with Alerts, however, at the same time, you want to receive up-to-date information.
* Sources – Choose News, Blogs, Video and Discussions. These are the sources where you can leave comments and assist people who are asking questions online. Read more about this under the Overview of the Strategy heading below.
* Language – Leave this in the default ‘English’ option, unless you want to speak to businesses in another language.
* Region – Leave the region in the default value ‘Any region’, unless your service or product is only available in a localised area.
* How many – Select ‘Best results’ to receive the only the most relevant and focused Alerts.
* Deliver to – Select the default Gmail account, or add another email account using your Account settings.

Overview of the Strategy

The strategy is quite straight-forward: what you want to achieve is to receive Alerts from Google whenever there is new content related to your industry. This is not only a great way to stay abreast of developments, but will also boost the strategy to get more business leads.

The technology used in News, Blogs, Video and Discussions usually allows you to leave comments and post replies. And it is in the comments section where the magic happens.

Whenever there is a new piece of content related to your industry or relevant to your target market, you want your brand to be represented with high calibre comments. Often these content items contain certain points to which you can add valuable input, or questions you can answer as an industry expert.

In providing helpful answers and insightful content, you ensure that the myriad of people reading, watching and commenting on the content will find value in your comments and answers – whether through news channels, blogs, video or discussions found through search engines. In this way, your brand is showcased as the ‘go-to’ company for that particular solution.

Anyone searching for the particular topic will see your brand’s value-adding comments and answers, and should they need a supplier, they will have good reason to contact you. As such, it is important to leave your contact details in the form of a website address, email address or telephone number.

Please always remember that it is in taking action that you will see results.

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