Effective Strategies to Starting Conversations with Top Buyers on YouTube

YouTube Channel Set Up, Sales Video Production, Optimisation, Advertising and (Statistically-Based) Continuous Improvement

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and also the largest repository of videos online. It is owned by Google and has 1 Billion Users.

Showcasing your products or services in YouTube allow potential clients to find out more about your solutions in an audio-visual way.

You can also catch potential clients in the information research of the purchase cycle, thereby establishing your brand’s expertise in the field in real-time.

The suggested way to advertise through YouTube is by:

* Creating one video per month, showcasing the company’s expertise and establishing rapport with the market with a how-to video content.

* Optimizing the video for first page search results listing for high demand video search phrases.

* Advertising the video through Google AdWords. Targeting specific search queries, geo-location and demographics in YouTube.

Our YouTube Marketing is one of our service modules that, combined with other modules gets you the maximum return on your investment. It can also be used as an individual module, where we only use YouTube marketing for your business, should you so require.