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The Rapid Sales Growth System

Our continuously improved system delivers email and telephonic enquiries from buyers interested in purchasing from your company in your chosen geographic area within 21 days. Without any risk on your part, offering your business what it essentially needs: business growth and an increase in profitability.

Did you know that your company doesn’t need every single type of digital marketing strategy out there?

In our 15 years of existence we have statistically tested new marketing resources that are introduced to the market-place.

The data has shown, that depending on the type of offer and purchase process, certain elements of a digital marketing strategy are needed and others not.

That is why we have created an adaptive digital marketing strategy, which is moulded to your company and market requirements thereby generating the greatest results and ROI for your business. Without you having to go through the steep and very expensive learning curve.

We have listed the modules we use as reference, these modules are combined in a way that creates the best possible returns for your individual requirements. Each module can also be used individually, should you only need that service.

Our adaptive digital marketing strategy delivers the following benefits to your business:

Get a Surge of Business Leads from Your Website

You get more leads in the form of enquiries from potential customers from your website. The people enquiring have not only searched for your type of products or services online but have also seen your offer and are keen to do business with you. These leads are easy to close, increasing sales, growing your business and increasing profitability.

Our Service is Guaranteed Through Our One Month Trial Period

We are so confident that our service will generate sales results for your company that we have bolted-on a fail-safe guarantee to our service. You get to test the service for a month without making any financial commitment. This allows you to test the results for a full month and measure the sales success rate before making an investment. We take away all risk from you. Plus, the extra sales generated during the testing phase more than pay for our service and generate profits for your business going forward.

Online Market Demand Research

We uncover pent-up online demand for your offer through our statistically-based market research methodology. This allow us to tailor the copy and tone of your website to match the target market, giving your business a competitive edge. By creating your website copy from the demand up, rather than conceptualisation down, you leave your competitors far behind.

You Get a Tailor-Made Digital Marketing Strategy

We plan and implement a digital marketing strategy blending our service modules to best match your company’s offer, target market expectations and your campaign objectives. We create the most effective package to bring you the largest number of business enquiries from prospects wishing to do business with your company.

Get Your Website Promoted Through the Right Marketing Channels

Using the right marketing channel ensures that you get the best return for your advertising budget. You get to leverage our 15-year experience and testing of different advertising networks for specific industries, type of buying experience and purchase process. You are assured that your budget goes toward website traffic that will generate the maximum number of business leads for your company without having to go through the expensive and time-consuming online advertising learning and testing stage of online marketing.

Get a Website Redesign

We redesign your company website should the design not properly showcase your brand value, giving it a fresh look while adhering to all the latest technologies and, most importantly, implementing a high enquiry converting design structure. A professionally designed website perceptually increases the value of your offer and gets you more enquiries and business.

Incorporate Our 7-Point Website Conversion Boost

Over time, we have tested various design concepts and content consumption structures for optimum conversions. These have been distilled to a 7-Point enquiry boosting list that maximises lead generation, delivering a greater number of potential customers contacting your company.

Get Advice on How to Best Convert More Business Leads to Sales

Get guidance on online enquiry management, which ensures that you convert the highest number of leads to sales. Through experience and testing we have learned what works best to respond to and handle online leads. This results in the highest number of sales from online leads, thereby maximising your ROI.

Receive a Monthly Website Visitors Report

Online advertising has another great benefit: it can be used as a market research tool, revealing exactly which specific benefits has the most value to your target market. We split test the benefits highlighted in your ads and monitor their enquiry conversion rates. This way you get to discover which service benefits are most relevant to your market, allowing you to refine your value proposition and even to extract an unassailable competitive advantage based on real market research data.

We design your digital marketing strategy to grow your business and increase profitability through a surge in customer enquiries, in a guaranteed way that eliminates all risk.

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